The point of the city was to make daily things convenient. It’s not convenient when you spend half your day staring at the rump of another vehicle and another quarter of it looking for a place to seat your vehicle.

Progressive Transit

OK, I’m finally getting a chance to make another post.  I have temporarily relocated to Mountain View, CA and have been up to my eyeballs in work, both ‘real’ work and research work.  It’s nice to get back to this blog.

Cars do not belong in cities.  A standard American sedan can comfortably hold 4+ adults w/ luggage, can travel in excess of 100 miles per hour, and can travel 300+ miles at a time without stopping to refuel.  These are all great things if you are traveling long distances between cities.  If you are going by yourself to pickup your dry cleaning, then cars are insanely over-engineered for the task.  It’s like hammering in a nail with a diesel-powered pile driver.   To achieve all these feats (high capacity, high speed, and long range driving), cars must be large and powered by fossil fuels.  So when you get a…

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What to Do if You’re the First Human to Make Contact with Aliens

If you need a few good laughs, please do but, he has a few very serious points 😉

What to Do if You’re the First Human to Make Contact with Aliens.

College vs. The Real World

College vs. The Real World.

Just a stumbled upon blog I found entertaining. It’s different for everyone. I wish I had this guys college experience. I melded too much real world responsibilities for there to be a clear separation.

The Mission

Pamela Thompson believes in the power of design affecting change & works with clients to transform how they think, talk about themselves and appear in the world…

Her work is inspired by the desire to influence clients towards maintaining core values when beneficial and, influencing towards positive progression when they aren’t.  She doesn’t believe in too small to thrive or too big to fail. Identity in design about charting the right course and following through.

Her aspiration as a creative designer is to create media, which unites the world in the belief:

“If you want happiness in this lifetime, help the next generation.”  -indian proverb.